Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Off the Beaten Path Ohio by George and Carol Zimmerman

Do you know what there is to see in Ohio? Houses. A lot of historical houses. A plethora of historical houses. And you can read all about them in this book.

But you probably won't want to. The thing is HORRIBLY formatted. It is literally the oddest formatting I've ever seen for a travel guide. It essentially reads like one long book.

If you are an Ohio native, it's probably not that bad, but if you're a potential tourist from out of state, do NOT use this guide. It's just not user friendly in the least.

If you ignore my advice and do use this book, the silver lining is that it does actually include some cool museums and sights that are not all old, rich, white, male entrepreneurs'/military hotshots'/presidents' houses/estates/birthplaces. Some. And it does ignore the obvious tourist traps (which I appreciate), like the Columbus Zoo or the Cincinnati Art Museum.

But overall, it's confusingly written and information is displayed in a really inefficient way. And it's pretty boring.


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