Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Best of Lisbon by Lonely Planet

This guide book to the capital city of Portugal is adequate…if you want to plan your trip emotionlessly and going only to the big tourist spots. It is a "best of" book, so I guess I can't entirely blame them for focusing on the main tourist sights, attractions, restaurants, and accommodations. Still, this was a bit of a disappointing book.

I've been told by multiple people how beautiful Portugal is, so it's disappointing to have that beauty dumbed down and somewhat erased. There are a few small pictures of some of the places highlighted, but the descriptions are lacking.

And the lack of opinion is frustrating. Everything is charming, beautiful, picturesque, imaginative, etc., but descriptions stop there. There's not much of a sense of what type of beautiful things are. Who would like this, that or the other? How would we know?

Normally, I'd like to find something nice to say. However, I'm really coming up blank on this one. Lonely Planet, how you've disappointed me!


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